In our studio we are using green screen technology to create new and exciting photo products for individuals, businesses, schools, sports, dances and events.

Green screen photography, or chroma key as it's called in the broadcast industry, has been around for a long time. The technique was originally developed by feature film producers in the 1930s.

The green screen allows you to put any background you want into the photo. During the photo shoot, you simply stand in front of a green background and smile. After the shoot is over, our photographer and technicans will incorporate your image into the chosen background or scene.

There are many incredible advantages to photographing in front of a green screen, including:

Endless options: A green screen gives you a significantly higher amount of background alternatives. You can use a background with your business logo and contact information or one that incorporates your product.

Saves time & money: Because you can complete one photo shoot and still have numerous backgrounds, you are able to save time & money.

No delays: You donít have to rely on the weather or the availability of a particular shooting location, when you have access to a green screen.

At the Sheer Elegance Photography, we have the ability to photograph one person or a group, as well as the technology necessary to produce professional and high quality photographs. For more information about our photography services available in central Calfornia, contact us at 559-994-0844.

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Located in the Clovis/Fresno area of central California Sheer Elegance Photography provides cost effective photography services for individual and business clients.

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